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The act of writing always creates something of value. When I'm reading, it is the various manifestations of that inherent and powerful value that I'm looking to capture and share with my fellow book lovers.  



From humble days as a bookseller in Colorado, I now live in NYC and work for one of the big publishing houses. I'm always reading a huge variety of books, but you're bound to find more reviews on titles that might not be on every bookstore's shelf quite yet! 


And I must also say that it is immensely important to support independent bookstores. Definitely consider shopping with your local bookshop if you don't already!  

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My Annual Summer Thriller

Night Film - Marisha Pessl

This book found its way to me after a co-worker raved about it.  Scott McGrath along with bad boy Hopper and wannabe-actress Nora find themselves seeking the answers to the several mysteries opened up by Ashley Cordova's death, which is presumed to to be a suicide.  The gang doesn't quite buy that easy explanation, so naturally, they start to dig.  Ashley's father, Stanislas Cordova, is a horror director who has created a body of work that's captivated people all across the world.  This guy is supposed to be like Alfred Hitchcock juiced up with more horror than can possibly be imagined.  His films have created cults, and people find themselves obsessing over how messed up this guy's stories are.  Cordava is also reclusive man, so this piled next to his taste in film quickly creates questions about the role he has played in Ashely's life and possibly in her death. 


It's hard to say too much because this one really needs to unfold as you learn more and more about the circumstances of the Cordova's lives, but there is some fun stuff with black magic and horror in here.  McGrath is probably one of the worst investigative journalists around, but it made him slightly endearing to me.  Hopper and Nora also seem to pick up his shortfalls, so combined, the three characters are like one functional investigator.


I tend to not read books of this genre often, but I always make a good effort with thriller/mystery once a year so I can have at least something to recommend to customers at my bookstore.   Last year's pick was "In the Woods" by Tana French, and I must say that "Night Film" is a much more interesting read.  There are also several bits of mixed media in the book, which at first I thought would annoy me, but they are actually intriguing.  Check this one out if you're in the mood for a page turner.  The very ending could have been a little better, but I like to imagine that the story actually concluded about 25 pages sooner than it did.


That being said, here is a cool poster for one of the fictional Cordova films in the book.  Pretty neat, huh?