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The act of writing always creates something of value. When I'm reading, it is the various manifestations of that inherent and powerful value that I'm looking to capture and share with my fellow book lovers.  



From humble days as a bookseller in Colorado, I now live in NYC and work for one of the big publishing houses. I'm always reading a huge variety of books, but you're bound to find more reviews on titles that might not be on every bookstore's shelf quite yet! 


And I must also say that it is immensely important to support independent bookstores. Definitely consider shopping with your local bookshop if you don't already!  

If you're looking for one then check out the great store I used to work at:


Love this.  I don't get how people can be depressed about this guy repurposing a book.  I think it is one of the most dignified and admirable things a person can do with an old, outdated book.  It's hard to realize how many books have to get trashed before you've actually investigated the issue or worked in the book industry and seen it for yourself.