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The act of writing always creates something of value. When I'm reading, it is the various manifestations of that inherent and powerful value that I'm looking to capture and share with my fellow book lovers.  



From humble days as a bookseller in Colorado, I now live in NYC and work for one of the big publishing houses. I'm always reading a huge variety of books, but you're bound to find more reviews on titles that might not be on every bookstore's shelf quite yet! 


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The Passage (Passage Trilogy Series #1)

The Passage - Justin Cronin What a book. I had so much fun as I went through this one. The smokes are great, the characters are interesting, the settings accurate, blah blah blah--its got all that stuff that makes good books and I don't need to explain that to anyone on this website. More importantly, this book took me back to the good old days of reading as a kid. Those were the times when I read purely for pleasure outside of school (I still read for pleasure often, but I also have grown to appreciate the education and experience of reading difficult books that although rewarding, can hardly count as "pleasure" reads). Cronin guides the reader along with that changing point of view style that makes you practically faint when you realize the chapter you just read with all the built up tension isn't going to be addressed for a couple more chapters because you are being dropped back into that other point of view, which also had a ton of tension and you had forgotten how invested you were in this other part of the story since you were still freaking out over the last crazy thing going on and then you start thinking about that other character who was definitely in trouble several chapters ago and and and!?!!??.... Sorry, it's like that in my head. You simply have to know how each aspect of the story is going to work out. It compels you to read chapter after chapter after chapter... You probably get it by now. This is what makes it fun, though. You've got to keep going at 1am after a full day because you can't live without knowing what happens, and you don't really want to sleep anyway because you are pretty sure Cronin is all up in your head and you really have no intention of allowing yourself to dream about the crazy scary vampire stuff floating around your brain. I'm not too interested in summing things up about the story (obviously), but I just want to use this review to acknowledge that this book really hit the spot for me. To make things better, I should be getting my hands on an ARC of The Twelve soon here, and I'll also be meeting J Cro at the Tattered Cover next month. Definitely check this out if any of the following apply to you:1. You want to reclaim vampires. They are totally reborn and spookified in this novel.2. You are in the mood to tear through roughly 700 pages of awesome.3. You know that the next book you read needs to be a home run because those last few sucked (vampire pun!). 4. You know that I have great taste and if you couldn't tell, I really liked this book.5. You are aware of the fact that Halloween is coming up, so a scary book would be very fitting for this time of year. Tis the season for the virals!